• Global Shea Alliance is a multistakeholder association promoting quality and sustainability in the shea industry
  • Global Shea Alliance supports rural African communities and facilitates women's empowerment by strengthening the shea industry and value chain.
  • Global Shea Alliance helps to preserve the African savannah and strengthen African companies through the exchange of information and best practices
  • Our mission is to design, develop and propose strategies that underpin a competitive and sustainable shea industry across the world, improving the livelihoods of rural African women and of their communities.

Featured This Week

  • At @WTO Public Forum, GSA members, @sidleyaustin + WTO member states discussed women's empowerment and trade barriers http://t.co/K1L8cZjC6Q
  • We're hiring #interns in our #DC office! Applications considered on a rolling basis #Jobs http://t.co/c3xm7v5mob http://t.co/6LbLWeHXqE
  • The Shea value chain from start to finish: from fruit to nuts to kernels to Shea butter itself. http://t.co/BO7EcABfCG
  • We'll be talking to stakeholders in agriculture and food systems about how the GSA advocates for #sustainability in the #shea industry.
  • The GSA is pleased to be presenting today at an FAO/World Bank workshop on responsible investment in agriculture! http://t.co/cge9wTJLbk
  • Want to help the GSA win €1,000? Visit the @ICCOtweet Facebook page to like a photo of women shea collectors in Bori http://t.co/hULHdWFeCM
  • Each month, the GSA will profile one of our #sustainability partners. First up? SeKaf Ghana. Learn about their work: http://t.co/eaEeuPimIc
  • Check out this article in Ghana’s @bftghana on Shea Network Ghana’s efforts to stop the destruction of #shea trees. http://t.co/mPjANWzJco
  • We're pleased to announce our 2015 African Cosmetics Exhibition in #Lagos, #Nigeria. Details: http://t.co/04k5YBbLtg http://t.co/mPyXjjr3cr
  • Thanks @Upworthy for highlighting the work of GSA member and #sustainability partner SeKaf Ghana! http://t.co/1aKOLBccFE
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