• The GSA is a non-profit industry association with 400 members from 31 countries including women’s groups, brands and retailers, suppliers, and NGOs.
  • Through public-private partnerships, the GSA promotes industry sustainability, quality practices and standards, and demand for shea in food and cosmetics.

Featured This Week

  • .@FAOnews and GSA developed a health + safety manual to help conduct safety trainings for women shea collectors! https://t.co/wp1Na1w8Qd
  • RT @USAIDWestAfrica: #GSA is one of two alliances we partner with to implement projects https://t.co/d25f7Gd1Be
  • In partnership with @USAIDWestAfrica, GSA is launching a 5-year, $3M USD matching grant fund https://t.co/3XzLoWqsf1 https://t.co/UpPmNtw3Qd
  • GSA’s 2016 conference in Accra, Ghana brought 500+ stakeholders and President @JDMahama https://t.co/cHzMnseoGA https://t.co/GxmzJvErw2
  • A behind-the-scenes peek at a recent training w/@TechnoServe as our members prep for #ACE2016. https://t.co/nzmFXSKRgA
  • Learn more about GSA's latest projects and opportunities for members in our June newsletter: https://t.co/u1lypMrnyt https://t.co/sbzGnPOs12
  • @GlobalShea and @USAID signed a $13 million USD 5-year agreement for #sustainable #shea: https://t.co/ccNuSictwQ https://t.co/8qWGdKdtVr
  • @bodybasicsaw1, sorry about that. Please email our membership coordinator at pnunoo(at)globalshea(dot)com and we'll be in touch soon!
  • RT @USAIDAfrica: @GlobalShea and @USAID Partner for #Shea Industry Growth and Sustainability: https://t.co/lya2YLtAN5 https://t.co/U8expC…
  • We're launching our health and safety manual for women #shea collectors tomorrow in #Tamale. Join us to learn more! https://t.co/nhiimjHPkm

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