In 2013, the Global Shea Alliance launched a sustainability program that identifies industry-wide challenges and implements solutions via stakeholder guidelines and collaborative projects.

The GSA sustainability guidelines were developed in consultation with women’s groups, non-prots, U.S. and European food and cosmetic brands, and international oils and fats suppliers. The guidelines promote women’s empowerment, decent working conditions, development of local communities, and the protection of ecosystems by outlining best business practices for all stakeholders. 

Women’s empowerment

Our partners are committed to enhancing formalization and organization of women collectors, as well as their knowledge of shea markets. 

Decent Working Conditions

Every individual has the right to a dignied and sustainable livelihood. We are committed to promoting decent working conditions for all people involved in the shea value chain. 

Development of Local Communities

The GSA aims to improve the livelihoods and conditions of local communities relying on shea nuts for their income. 

Protection of Ecosystems

The conservation of the Savanna ecosystem is hence instrumental to ensuring a sustainable future for the shea industry.