The GSA adopted the following projects (work streams) to be implemented through the sustainability program: (1) storage facilities for women’s groups in shea communities; (2) capacity building and business training for women’s groups; (3) pilot projects to improve the health and safety of collectors; (4) research and development of improved planting materials; (5) parkland management trainings for shea communities; and (6) conservation pilot projects.

The guidelines and work streams are implemented by registered partners of the sustainability program. Any GSA member may register as a sustainability partner.

Warehouses for Women’s Groups

Warehouses to store kernels so women can sell larger quantities and earn more per kilo


Business Trainings for Women Collectors

Business training to help organize and run cooperatives


Health and Safety Initiatives for Women’s Groups

Health and safety projects to address issues such as snake bites and boiling burns


Research and Development

Research and development to improve quality of planting materials


Shea Parkland Management Trainings

Engagement with farming communities to better care for the trees


Conservation Pilot Projects

Conservation interventions to reduce wood and water consumption in the processing